Any fragrance that instantly makes you say, “mmmm” is a go! Enter stage left, Agent Provocatuer’S NEW Fatale eau de parfum.


Agent Provocateur has always understood the important marriage between scent and seduction. With a unique vision of femininity, the brand has created a successful fragrance portfolio that started more than a decade ago. Inspired by the 1940’s Hollywood femme fatale, who is exactly is the woman who wears AP?


– She is mysterious, seductive and elegant.

– She is  a night vixen revealing a secret side of herself that comes out once the sun sets.

– She is carefree but never loses her composure.

– She has a high appreciation for a luxurious lifestyle.


Sound like you? Sounds like me, wink.





TOP: Madagascar Pink Pepper, Succulent Mango Nectar, Exotic Blackcurrant

MID: Velvet Gardenia, Royal Orris Absolute, Indonesian Patchouli

DRY: Sultry Skin Musk, Vanilla Orchid Aphrodisiac, Chocolate Gourmand Addiction, Spanish Labdanum


My Review:

I love sweet smelling fragrances, and this one definitely fits the mold. It’s light, sultry, and lingers very nicely on my skin. I’m also a sucker for the beautiful crystal packaging, and the bottle looks gorgeous placed on my vanity. I’ve been wearing this fragrance daily and also carry it with me throughout the day to freshen up leading into the evening. I wish it lasted a bit longer on my skin, but maybe I’m immune to it after a while and just don’t smell it anymore. But overall, Fatale made the perfume rotation and would be the perfect Valentine’s treat to buy yourself!


You can purchase Fatale at Saks Fifth Avenue, online, and in Agent Provocateur Boutiques.

30ml Eau de Parfum- $52.00

50ml Eau de Parfum- $72.00

100ml Eau de Parfum- $95




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