At the 2012 Bronner Brothers Hair Show, I was introduced to a new company called Corioliss. 

Corioliss has a unique collection of styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons, curl wands, etc. and is a favorite product line of celebrity hair stylist Johnny Wright. Here are two irons that I was specifically intrigued by and impressed with. 

The Corioliss K2 iron is a treatment iron that delivers heat activated, steam infused, argan oil treatment for shinier and softer hair. It can be used on any hair type, whether natural, relaxed, fine, or coarse.

This is the argan oil that comes with the flat iron. You deposit a small amount into the clear plastic holding case, and as you flat iron, the serum is released into each strand of hair. I was concerned about the “steam”, because being natural, steam is not our friend. But they insured me that the steam is very gentle and won’t cause my roots to puff up while flat ironing because of the volume of heat that’s being transferred at the same time. (wipes brow).

(The K2 iron retails at $249.)

The second iron they showed me was one of their most popular irons, the Corioliss C1. First thing I noticed was the cute zebra design in the inside (I love those kind of girlie touches). They market this iron specifically for thicker/coarse hair. It has titanium plates, heat controls of 140-450 degrees F, and comes with a heat resistant travel pouch. You can use this flat iron to both straighten hair and create curls!

(The C1 iron retails at $210)

Left with some cool goodies to try out! Thier Mini Ceramic Styling Iron and some much needed Corioliss hair clips! Thanks Corioliss!

You can check out and purchase Corioliss products on their website



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