Deary me, your skin is GORGEOUS, it's flawless, besides great genes what tips could you give a an acne prone girl like me?


Thank you beautiful! The Clarisonic I mentioned 2 posts down is definitely something you should consider…I know the price tag is a little hefty, but I PROMISE you will thank me with a bouquet of flowers (or just a simple “thank you” hehe).

You need to wash your face EVERY SINGLE night! It doesn’t matter how tired I am, if there’s one thing I do before I go to sleep, it’s wash my face. You should also develop a skin care regimen if you don’t have one … here’s mine. And for breakouts and pimples you need a good salicylic acid treatment. Finally if you wear makeup, make it a priority to wash your makeup brushes! They can hold built up makeup, bacteria, and other icky stuff, then transfer that back to your face and right back into your nice makeup products.

These are small things you can start doing everyday that WILL make a difference! If you are still having problems, schedule an appointment to see your dermatologist so they can get a closer look 😉

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