It was like a scene of the cut heard around the world yesterday, as social media networks everywhere went bananas after the debut of Beyonce’s new do. 

King Bey, Baddie Bey, Queen Beyonce … her fans or stans if I may, go crazy over virtually anything Beyonce does, says, eats, or wears. Beyonce gained all of my love after watching her HBO documentary where I felt as though I got a glimpse of who she is as a person as opposed to just an icon and entertainer. So I’ve been keeping my eye on her ever since.

Yesterday, my jaw dropped after seeing the second new chop! ::Insert emoji face with the heart eyes here::

So as a newbie Beyonce “stan”, here are five things I learned after her fabulous bob debut:

1. Remember the first chop? Her stans almost dropped her from their roster after Bey went a little too short for their liking. It’s a good thing she added some extra length for them so they would continue paying her bills! Close one Bey.


2. All jokes aside, Beyonce knows what works for her and what doesn’t. She’s played in the safe zone (when it comes to her image) since parting from her Destiny’s Child days, with her signature long, tousled, blonde locks. I appreciate that she’s becoming more of risk taker. Not to mention, she loves shopping at Topshop!

3. Does anyone even remember Ciara’s fierce blonde bob anymore? I loved it, but it seems as though Queen Bey wiped that afterthought to the left.


4. Not only is she a pro at giving us tons of face, but this fresh bob draws even more attention to her enviable curves. Bey, if you’re reading this, could you spare five minutes to teach a gal the secret to your perfect pose?

5. Roots are in! What used to be seen as tacky, is now trendy. One in half inches of dark roots are now acceptable before making your next appointment for a color touchup. Unless you’re going for the ombre look of course. Just make sure you get your color professionally done so it blends seamlessly. 

How many screenshots do you think were taken yesterday of the new do? How many of those screenshots do you think will make it to the hair salon just in time for Fall?

I’m more than positive blonde bobs will be seen walking down the streets in no time. Messy or straight … Bey gets two thumbs up for her fresh, grown woman, effortless bob! 



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