I love a good celebrity transformation!! And Miley Cyrus is giving me SO MUCH LIFE!!! She’s quickly on the rise to becoming one of my favorite style icons. I just love how raw and edgy she is … a very “I don’t give a f*@$” kind of attitude.

First and foremost, I think one of the most heartfelt moments involved with her new look, was her initiative in cutting her hair in the first place. She chopped off her signature long locks over a year ago and donated her strands to a cancer charity. Go Miley!


But let’s transition to Miley’s new style shall we? These are the two pictures that started it all for me…


The chic red jumper, the tough leather jacket, and hip hugging leather boyfriend shorts paired with sexy strappy sandals … I just can’t take it! lol She’s definitely ditched her Disney Hannah Montana image, which I think is great because she’s finally embracing her womanhood. Those cute, teenage days are over!

Here are four things I’ve learned from Miley as her style has been progressing:

1. She loves a classic black frock (a given).
2. She’s got that gym routine down because her stomach and those legs are toned like I don’t know what!
3. Her signature makeup routine goes one of three ways; fresh faced, a sexy smokey eye, or a statement red lip. All great choices 😉
4. She’s mastered the skill of bringing just enough sex appeal while still leaving something to our imagination! Unfortunately not everyone knows how to do that. 

Check out some more of my favorite Miley Cyrus fashion moments!


Short hair seriously has the power to just make you feel sassy, sexy, and confident!

What do you think about Miley’s new look?  Which look would you love to recreate? 

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