Hey McKenzie! I graduated from college last year and am now in the "real world." I am kind of struggling to make that transition from, I guess, college hipster/casual attire to more "womanly" attire. How did you make that transition and/or do you have any suggestions of how to do that? Love your style btw :)


I went through that same phase. No worries! The first thing I did was figure out how I wanted my “new wardrobe” to look. I started flipping through magazines and looking at blogs for some youthful yet sophisticated outfit ideas and created a list of key pieces I needed to invest in to include in my wardrobe. Some of those items included a blazer, trouser pants (or any material other than denim), nice structured handbags, blouses, and heels that weren’t all 6 inches tall lol. You should consider switching up the places you shop at as well. While Forever21 has some great finds …. places like Zara, H&M, Banana Republic, & Nordstrom will have a better selection of chic items that are also affordable! Whenever you find yourself purchasing yet another pair of destroyed jeans, think about the items you need for the workplace and pieces you still need to invest in. It takes time, but it will all come together. Just shop smarter! 

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