Hey McKenzie so much to admire about you but I just cant get over your eyebrows right now I'm on a tight budget and not in North America where I can get cheap and good threading done Im trying to keep mine thick So what do you suggest What do you do to get that beautiful fullness Looking for at home suggestion Thanks much and keep doing you


If you can’t make it to get your eyebrows threaded, definitely keep them up by tweezing them yourself. I don’t wax or thread my eyebrows myself, I go to the threading salon, but I do keep them up by tweezing any hairs that start to grow outside my natural shape (especially underneath). By tweezing you can keep your brows clean and manicured until you can make it to the salon. I also fill them in with a brow powder. You can watch my YouTube video on how I do them here. Good luck! 

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