Product Review: Huetiful Hair Steamer


I’ve had my Huetiful Hair Steamer for a few months now and have only broken it out a few times because I never allow myself enough time to really sit & relax at home and give myself a deep conditioning treatment (bad, I know).

I decided to give my hair some lovin’ yesterday and whipped out my steamer. The Huetiful Hair Steamer is absolutely great for strands that are screaming for extra moisture! It’s specifically designed to resolve dry hair, breakage, split ends, and scalp itch/discomfort. 

Here are the benefits listed on the Huetiful site:

-Restores moisture to your dry hair 5x better than deep conditioners or hair treatments alone.
-Replenishes moisture lost from chemical or heat treatments.
-Reduces future breakage and split ends caused by dry hair.

My Review:

The Set Up:
After washing, conditioning, and combing through my hair, I applied my Mixed Chicks deep conditioner to leave in during the steam treatment. I set up the steamer, which was super easy to do, and waited for the water to boil, signaling that the steamer was ready.

The Process:
I sat under the hood for 15 minutes (the alarm on the steamer will beep to let you know when your time is up). 

While sitting under the steamer, I recommend that you have a towel to go around your neck to prevent water from dripping down your back. A terrycloth headband to cover your forehead and ears is also great to have because the steam can get a little hot.

(I look crazy lol)


My curls felt so soft after using the steamer, and my scalp felt so nourished! The pictures below show what my hair looked like right after using it, with only deep conditioner in my hair.

I think the Huetiful Hair Steamer is a great investment for ladies who suffer from dry strands (especially during colder weather). Every woman could use a great steam treatment! What better way than to do it yourself in the comfort of your own home?

BONUS: The steamer also has a facial attachment that you can use to give yourself at home steam facials! Awesome right?! I’ll do a review for you on that later.

You can find out more information on the Huetiful Hair Steamer on their website .

They have a great deal going on right now where you can purchase a steamer and facial attachment for $119.95 (originally priced at $134.90).

Be good to your curls 🙂

Have you tried the Huetiful Hair Steamer before? Share your experience with me below!

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