I reallllly wish I was writing this post live from the big apple, but it’s OK because I will be next year 😉

Let me school you real quick. Today is the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference (IFB) in New York held at Milk Studios. The conference is where all lovers of fashion, fashion bloggers (amateur & veterans) come together to hear it straight from the horses mouth (brand marketers, fashion company representatives, “famous” fashion bloggers, etc.) on what it takes to run a fashion blog, what you can do better to drive traffic, how to better market yourself, and what you need to be talking about on your blog to set you apart from the rest.

If you didn’t make it either, you can watch this conference live as it streams online HERE ! Listen to some of the biggest names in fashion during their next segment at 1:30pm 🙂 

Enjoy and I wish you better blogging from here on out!



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