This past weekend was pretty crazy with the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in town. Mizani invited me an event at a local chic pizza spot called “Do” in midtown, where they were having a natural hair meet and greet with natural hair guru Curly Nikki.


Of course I couldn’t wait to go so I could have a chance to meet this awesome woman who’s helped all kinds of natural girls along their own personal hair journey (including myself). I mean, her site is LOADED with information that caters to girls who are going through the “big chop”, veteran curly girls, and even extensive product knowledge down to the ingredient.

The event was packed! I even ran into some of my blog followers as well as new followers who recognized me from the February curlBOX (hey guys!)! 


The event was great! Mizani’s mission was to have everyone chatting amongst each other and sharing their own personal stories to educate each other on what’s working for them and maybe some new things to try out. They had different hair stations set up with Mizani educators demonstrating new techniques and answering plenty of questions from lots of inquiring minds.


Ran into fellow Atlanta bloggers, Arkeedah and Lexi.

And I finally met Curly Nikki! She was absolutely adorable and so tiny (or maybe I’m just tall lol)! I loved her hair, like usual 🙂 She recently came out with a new book titled, “Better Than Good Hair” , so you ladies may want to pick up a copy 🙂

Thanks for the invite MIZANI! Keep up the great education and see you next time you’re in Atlanta! 

**(I’m wearing a Prabal Gurung for Target sweatshirt and faux leather pants from H&M.)

Who else was there? What tips and tricks did you take away from the event? 



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