My Favorite False Lashes


I will admit, when it comes to products and brands, I am not a very loyal consumer. I love trying new products that hit the market and putting them to the test! Blame it on the beauty addict in me. There are only a few things I have remained loyal to that have never failed me, and these falsie lashes are one of them. Dun dun dun….let’s see what they are!

The Demi Wispie style lashes in black never fail me! They give me a natural look while still providing fuller looking lashes when I’m after a little more glam look. These Demi Wispies are by Salon Perfect and I happened to stumble up on this four pack retailing for around $8 at Walmart. They are also available as an individual pair by Ardell lashes. Both are great brands! 

This lash set saved me a few trips to the store to replenish my falsies! The last time I wore false lashes were for New Years and they held up seamlessly all night! A little dark Duo glue and I was good to go. I love the way the lash hairs are intertwined to blend into your natural lashes. 

If you’re a newbie to applying lashes, here’s a tutorial I created on how it’s done! Salon Perfect and Ardell lashes are both popular brands you can find at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and other drugstores. When used and taken off correctly, you can get two to three uses out of just one pair! (Tip: make sure after each use, you gently peel the dried glue off of the lash band).

I’d love to hear about some of your lash favorites! What are some of your go-to falsie brands and styles?

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