Oh My! MAC Retro Matte Lips Collection


Matte lips are totally in for Fall! MAC just released their new Retro Matte collection inspired by Ruby Woo’s formula, but in a rainbow of vivid new colors.

It’s so refreshing to see bright hues stick around for the fall to add the perfect pop to your pout. I love the color range options from nude to deep berry!

Take a closer look at the collection below!

(L to R: Dangerous, Flat Out Fabulous, and Relentlessly Red)

(L to R: Runway Hit, Steady Going, and Ruby Woo)

(L to R: Fixed on Drama, and All Fired Up)

You can’t own a vivid lipstick without a complimenting lip liner. Each of these eight pro longwear lip liners, are packed with bold pigment to serve as the perfect base for your lipstick to grab onto.

(L to R: Fashion Boost, High Energy, Anticipation, Shock Value, Staunchly Stylish, Trusted in Red, Dynamo, and More To Love)

3 tips on rocking a bold matte lip:

1. Before applying your liner or lipstick, use a wax based lip balm to give your lips some moisture and prevent them from cracking or peeling.

2. Always exfoliate your lips before wearing a bold color. Dead skin on your pout is not only unattractive, but it takes away from the makeup statement you want to make.

3. For intense pigment, line and fill in your lips with the lip pencil first. Then apply a coat or two of your lipstick for an added punch. 

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to blot with a tissue to remove any excess product from along the inside of your lips. You don’t want to leave room for any mistake of getting lipstick on your teeth.

The collection will be in stores September 12th!

Price Tag:

Matte lipstick: $15 each
Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: $19.50 each

I need “Dangerous” , “Flat Out Fabulous”, and “All Fired Up” to add to my collection asap! Which colors are you anxious to try?

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