Product Review: November curlBOX



Ok if you don’t have a curlBOX, you’re losing. CurlBOX has provided me with one of the easiest outlets to sampling various natural hair products, without having to spend a fortune along the way (just $20 a month). 

So naturally, I put a couple of the November curlBOX products to use in my recent wash-and-go style. I tried out the Curl Care by Dr. Miracle Strong Hold Gel, and Clear Scalp Hair & Therapy Ultra Shea shampoo and conditioner.


My scalp has been a little itchy and dry due to the weather. The Clear shampoo felt very refreshing against my scalp and the conditioner gave my curls that winter bounce back.

Let me tell you, I used to be sooooo anti-gel because I hated that it left my hair hard and crunchy and often times flaky. But the Strong Hold Gel gave me instant results as soon as I applied it to my strands from roots to ends! It left my hair with no frizz, no flakes and extra definition while still keeping my coils soft. Changed my little mind right on around 😉


Finally, having a great blow dryer with the right attachments is key in getting great results with your hair (whether wearing it curly or straight). To set my style, I used my Hana air blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. The diffuser has controlled air flow and is used to set my curls while preventing frizz. Ladies, this is a must-have for a great wash-and-go style!


Here are the results after I finger twisted my strands using the strong hold gel and set my curls with the diffuser.


And here is an extra close up.


Thanks curlBOX 🙂

Any of you ladies have any secrets you want to share on how to achieve the perfect wash-and-go style? Fill me in!

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