Me & Skateboard P.

So two really cool things happened this week 🙂 I chatted with Pharrell about his new liqueur Qream, and actually tasted a few of the drinks at the Qream launch party here in Atlanta. Jermaine Dupri was also at the party and is suuuupppeerrr short! lol (he had to have come up to my shoulder) You can look at more pics HERE.

The Strawberry Qream on the rocks was pretty good! I’m lactose intolerant (TMI? lol), so the creamy based drink definitely scared me at first, but it was easy on my stomach and tasted yummy. I could see myself drinking it at a girlie party or get together, but not ordering it if I’m out. Pharrell was really nice & he had on this DOPE CHANEL ROSEARY NECKLACE that I loved!

**I was having too much fun editing lol

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