So I big chopped myself in June, with my last perm in January. I did a DIY edgy haircut. lol. So there was more at the top and crown of my head than back and sides. Its grown out now and looks CRAZY. I'm in college so i really don't have $$ to go get it done. I want a new hair cut that looks nice n makes me look older and mature. BUT I want to grow out my hair at the same time and not be stuck in the same situation in a couple months. Any suggestions


Wow you’ve been through a lot with your hair lol. My suggestion is that you need to go get your hair professionally done. A professional stylist can give you a new cut and make sure your hair is healthy and taken care of properly, especially since you’re in an awkward growing out phase. My other suggestion would be to get a weave if you want to grow it out. But that’s definitely more $$ than going to get a new cut. Either way, you’re going to have to spend money to get your hair back to the way you want it. Sorry, but when it comes to hair, I wouldn’t skimp on it. You want it to look the way you want so you can be confident and happy 🙂

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