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Guess Which Fashion Designer Is Stepping Into The Makeup World?


Clutch your pearls ladies … Instagram’s been revealing some secrets brewing in the fashion world. Guess what’s up… Well known fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, is cooking up something special for the ladies and the anticipation is through the roof! That’s right, his first makeup collection. The 124 piece beauty collection includes everything from mascara to nail polish! ...

Product Review: Black Opal New Color Splurge Collection


Black Opal Cosmetics … you’ve heard of them right? You’ve probably past by the brand many times while perusing down the cosmetics aisle. Guess what? They have some new ish out and I’m loving it! Let me introduce you to the Color Splurge Collection, consisting of the new Lustre Gloss Lip Gloss, Patent Lips Lip Color, ...

Product Review: Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara


Bare Minerals just gained a new customer! My best friend worked for Bare Minerals years ago and gave me a bunch of loose eyeshadow samples to use in my makeup kit on my clients. I never bought anything from the line myself, but I decided to go out on a whim and give their “Flawless ...