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Letter From the Editor: Challenge Yourself


I just joined a gym. Let me tell you, this is quite a big step for me, because I’ve never been the one to commit to a gym membership. A couple of summers ago I did a little stint over at a local gym near my apartment for $20 a month. But that’s exactly what I got, a $20 a month workout, and I cant quite say I took advantage of it anyway. This time around,

Be Better


Last year I pretty much skated by. I fell into a pretty dark depression and just had very little motivation to continue running my business , Renae Cut Offs, my blog, my Instagram, everything. I just didn’t care. I lost my own inspiration and forgot why I was even doing this in the first place. That “delete account” urge on Instagram was so real (and would have been a huge mistake). I just wanted to disappear, escape, and fall off the map for real.