Target Done Brewed Up A Beauty Box


Good lawd! There’s a subscription box for everyone, everything, and at every price point nowadays! Guess who joined the club? Tarjay hehe (anyone else say it like that?).

Spied over on the Target Facebook fan page, they released news of their first edition “Beauty Box by Target”.

Try on and try out some of our beauty faves. The Beauty Box by Target boasts beauty, skin care and nail care brands you already know, and a few that may be completely new to you. Shipping is included, plus each order includes a special offer to keep you looking fab while staying on budget. Orders ship in 4–6 weeks.

But wait for it …. guess how much this subscription service will cost you?

::drumroll:: … $5!!!

Now, personally I’m on a beauty/hair box overload and as much as I love me some Tarjay…I doubt I’ll be signing up for a box. While this is the best deal I’ve seen so far on subscription boxes, they probably should have done this when the whole beauty box deal first bloomed on the scene. Buuuttt I do peruse the makeup aisles often so maybe I’ll sign up for a just a month…stop judging me.

Hey, who knows. We all fall victim of entering target with the intention of just picking up some toothpaste, and leave with a new shirt, a coffee pot, and big screen TV lol. Maybe you’ll end up signing up for a box on your way out (Mother’s Day gift anyone?). For those who are interested, click here and order your little hearts out 🙂

So, who’s jumping on the Target beauty box bandwagon? Are you over the whole beauty box services yet?

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