Learn From The Boss: Thia Breen


I love reading tidbits here and there on how to advance your career and tips on being successful. One of my favorite magazines to read is Marie Claire and I love their “Careers Section” of the magazine.

I recently read an article on Thia Breen (Estée Lauder’s President of North America). She oversees $3.6 billion in sales, 6,500 employees, and 28 brands, including Clinique and MAC. In the article she shared the most important lessons learned from 30 years in the beauty business.

Here are some of the highlights I wanted to share with you 🙂

Breen’s top 5 get-ahead rules

1. Never judge the customer. Everybody is a potential sale.

2. Be fearless about setting goals.

3. Ask for what you want or need. Men do it all the time. (She tells woman all the time that they could be better at letting people know, “This is the path that I want to be on – tell me as I’m moving forward if I’m doing the right things.”)

4. Assume you won’t have a mentor along the way. (Breen had people who gave her breaks, but never took her under their wing. She said, ”I don’t consider it a key force in someone’s career, and I don’t think it happens all that much. Consider yourself lucky if you have a mentor and thrive under that tutelage. In most cases, you’re not going to have it. You’re going to have to manage your career for yourself.”)

5. Do no underestimate the power of punctuality. 

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