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The weather in Atlanta has been really crazy lately. It’s hot and sunny one day and raining with flash flood warnings the next. So the other day I took full advantage of the semi-nice weather and went on a nice day date to the Georgia Aquarium and lunch downtown at a super cute seafood restaurant.

I love a fem tomboy look. I always try to balance this look with a bit of casual and sexy pieces to make it all come together. It’s all about balance. So if you want to wear a crop top with your stomach out, balance it out with slightly baggy cargo pants or boyfriend jeans and strappy sandals so you don’t appear overly sexy.


Thread List:

“Black Mob” crop top: Thrifted
Cargo Pants: Blank NYC from Loehmann’s
Zara Sandals
BCBG Clutch
Michael Kors Watch
Panache Evil Eye bracelet

You already know how much I love to surf the thrift stores, so I was super hype when I found this “Black Mob” t-shirt in the men’s aisle. I cut that bad boy into a crop top, rolled the sleeves up a couple of times and called it a day.


Sometimes you have to add that one key piece that kind of “throws everything off” but matches at the same time. That item was my iridescent BCBG clutch. I love the sporty/chic look it gives off! Another tip is regarding your shoes…they can either make or break your outfit. I went for a gold strappy sandal to add some spice to the tomboy look and switched into my white ked-like sneakers for a casual feel later in the day. (Always have a backup!)


Because I dress relatively simple, I love to pile on jewelry and accessories. I went with a mixture of dainty rings, my Panache evil eye bracelet gifted to me by a follower on Instagram, and my favorite Michael Kors watch. Finally I’m sporting “My Vampire is Buff” by OPI on my nails.

What is your go-to fem tomboy chic look? I’ve had a couple of people request a workout and diet post on the blog. Comment below if that’s something you would like for me to post! 

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