Ok let me set the scene…

I’m walking through the entrance at Nordstrom the other day and noticed they totally changed the layout of the entire floor. So instead of my preferred shopping area being in the back, it was pushed to the front, starting with the Topshop display welcoming me right into store.

So, I’m on the phone, casually perusing through the racks, and I notice this plain white, I mean regular as hell, white crop top t-shirt. I’m turning the shirt around to find the graphics, the detailing …something! I find nothing, and flip the tag over that reads $20. For what? For a plain white t-shirt that’s been cut in half with a Topshop label sewn in on the collar?

No need to pay a dub for a plain white tee ladies. Here’s how to make it yourself in four easy steps, for less than $4!

Step 1:

First find the desired style and fit of your t-shirt. You can go for a bigger tee giving you a roomier crop fit or go for something smaller and fitted like I chose, and head to the little boys section (that’s the secret…wink).


I picked a crew neck style in a size medium by Faded Glory from Walmart. It came as a pack of three t-shirts for around $4 or $5. So that means you have 2 extra shirts to play around with! Here is the fit of mine before cutting it.


Step 2:

Now this step is crucial for your top to be how you like it. Put the shirt on and mark a spot with a pencil on where you want your shirt cut. REMEMBER, it’s ALWAYS better to start longer because you can always make it shorter, but you can’t add fabric for length once you’ve already cut it. ( I layed my shirt out for the picture but I highly recommend you do this with the shirt on).


Step 3:

Now that you’ve marked where you want your shirt cut and cropped, it’s time to get to cutting. Take some fabric scissors (or regular scissors if you don’t those), and cut a straight line all the way across the t-shirt. Make sure your scissors are sharp because you don’t want any jagged seams. 


Step 4:

Almost done! After you’re done cutting, take the shirt and try it back on to be sure it’s at the desired length you want your crop top. If you need to make it shorter, then repeat steps 3 and 4. Cuff the sleeves twice and if you want a really crisp look, iron the sleeves down after you cuff them.

That’s it! Here is how mine turned out and I’m completely satisfied with it 🙂 


Original Topshop Crop Tee: $20


DIY Crop Tee: $4 (be better than me, and give your shirt some love with the iron lol)


Ladies you can follow these four easy steps to create a crop top with any t-shirt you have! Sometimes it’s just easier on your pockets and way more fun to do it yourself! 



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