Every girl needs a go-to nude lip in their makeup bag. Nude lipstick is a lot similar to red lipstick in the sense that there are soooo many shades to choose from to get the perfect match for your complexion. My best advice is to keep trying them on until you find the right combination for you.

Lucky me, I’ve find one that I’ve been rocking with for a while. Peep them below:


NARS Lip Liner in Fantasia

Maybelline Lipstick in Stormy Sahara (#945)

Laura Mercier Lipgloss in Bare Beige




When applying a nude lip, I like to use a three step process that guarantees my lips will stay on longer and require minimal touchup throughout the day.

BEFORE: I always use a little chap stick as a base to keep my lips hydrated. Don’t put on too much or you will have a little trouble with the next step. (TIP: Gently exfoliate your lips before applying a bold or nude color to prevent flakey skin on your lips distracting from your gorg color.) 



Step 1: Line your lips completely with your liner.



Step 2: Apply your lipstick. Blot gently with a tissue. Apply again.



Step 3: Apply your lipgloss to the center of your bottom and top lip for maximum shine and the illusion of a fuller pout.



That’s it! Easy enough huh?

Oh, I tried a new makeup look today with my shadow and LOVED how it turned out! If you’re interested in a tutorial of the look, comment below and let me know what’s up!

What are some of your favorite nudes? Clue a girl in so I can try them out too 😉 




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