Hey guys! If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you already know that I have a new do … and I LOVE IT.

It all started when I saw this beautiful photo of natural hair blogger and writer, (with a beautiful spirit may I add), Alex Elle. Click the link and visit her blog, you won’t regret it. I had no idea that you could install faux locs. I was always under the impression that you had to loc your hair and grow them out. I wasn’t committed to that option, so I was more than thrilled to learn that I could opt for the faux option. I also wanted to protect my hair from the elements for a while during the winter season.


I found an amazing stylist by the name of Brittany, at Salon Ramsey on 10th street in Atlanta, to make this style come to life. You can also find her on Instagram (@ilovebrittanykay) to check out her work.

Here is the 411 on the process and maintenance:

I visited the beauty supply store and purchased nine packs of Marley braiding hair. They were $5 a pack. Because my hair is colored, I wanted to follow the color pattern so my locs would blend seamlessly. I ended up getting four different colors, black, dark brown, light brown, and blonde.



She used a yarn technique to make them longer. The process took a little longer than six hours to achieve.



Faux Marley locs can last up to two months if you take good care of them. I’ve had mine in for two weeks now.

The maintenance: 

1. Morning- To take care of you scalp, spray your scalp with a mixture of water, a tbsp of apple cider vinegar (I got an organic brand from Trader Joes), and a few drops of teatree oil. Shake up the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on your scalp everyday. This regulates the moisture and prevents flaking on your scalp. 

2. Night- I tie up my hair in a high bun and wrap my edges with a silk scarf. You want to wrap your hair because the hair is fragile and can unravel if you are too hard on it. Remember, they are faux locs. 

3. Washing- Do not wash this hair with shampoo or conditioner, it is not human hair. To wash your scalp, take a hot, wet cloth, spray the mixture on it and wipe up any buildup on your scalp. You can smooth your edges with shea butter or gel to keep it neat. I personally prefer mine a little frizzier to give it a “worn in” and natural look.  

I was sooo happy with the final look. Brittany really understood what I was asking for and I brought inspiration pictures to show her as examples.

Here is the finished product!

The cost of your locs will depend on the length and size you want them. For pricing and additional information, you can contact Brittany at bkthestylist@gmail.com . Tell her I sent you her way!




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