Shellac Nails

I love to switch up my nail polish color weekly…but when I don’t have time to do them or I need them to last a little longer, I always turn to Shellac Nails.

Shellac Nails are a great alternative to acrylic nails. They last up to 14 days without losing their shine, they don’t scratch, smudge, or chip, and are easy to take off without damaging your natural nail. It’s a nail lacquer that hardens on your nails under a UV light at the nail salon and the results turn out perfect! (I hate getting a mani only to have it chip 3 days later and I don’t have the color to match). Shellac nails don’t give you that problem…unless you are being really rough with your hands, then you probably shouldn’t get it lol

Now that Shellac nails are so popular, there are tons of colors to choose from! I picked black 😉 Most nails salons offer this service, so try something different next time you get your nails done ladies 🙂



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