Threads of the Day: Spy Discord Sunnies + $6 Jumper

Threads of the Day: Spy Discord Sunnies + $6 Jumper

I feel like winter just snuck up on us. What happened to fall? I should probably blame my feelings on being spoiled by perfect Texas weather. Le sigh. I found this white cotton jumper at Goodwill this summer for six bucks. Score! But I never had a chance to wear it,...

Threads of the Day: It's All In The Details

It was such a beautiful afternoon in Atlanta the other day, I decided to take a few quick outfit pics before I headed out. It’s clearly easier when I have someone to take them for me, so just bare with me and enjoy the accessory highlights. What I’m...

Threads of the Night: Sporty Chic

Let me apologize in advance for the photo quality. My camera was not working last night so I had to resort to cell phone pics and Instagram to give me a hand.  The weather was really nice yesterday and not too chilly last night, so I decided to step out for a minute....



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