I was a little disappointed to read that “Electric Red” is one of the makeup trends for this Spring. ::womp womp:: Don’t get me wrong, I love red! It’s classic, sexy, and timeless … not necessarily trendy. Believe me, the model pictured above is working that red hunny!

But I have a few looks in mind that I would love to see as 2013 Spring makeup trends! 

1. Purple/Violet Lips

I love this look because it can be super daring, yet so ladylike in the matter of shades. You can opt for a soft, pastel lilac hue mixed with a hint of fuchsia for a chic pout, or a vibrant electric purple to satisfy your wild side! Both looks paired with a simple eye, manicured brows, and a great volumizing mascara will be sure to set you apart from the school of rosebuds come Spring 😉


and if you’re really feeling daring …



2. Fluttery Lashes

I think every women should know how to apply a strip of false lashes! I’m not saying you need to wear them everyday, but know that a great pair of falsies can alter your eye shape in just a few easy steps (check out my tutorial here on how to apply yourself). Keep them wispy, soft, and natural  to compliment your other beautiful features. My personal favorites are the Ardell Demi Wispies! You can find them at drugstores and Sally’s Beauty Supply for $3-$4.


3. Short Dope Nails

Although I rarely get creative masterpieces painted on my talons, I can appreciate an awesome nail design! Hey, I feature nail art in my dope nails posts every week 🙂 I would love to see the trend stick around, but shave down the talons a bit. It’s fun and one of the easiest ways to “express yourself”. Kudos to you ladies who rock stiletto nails, because I … just … can’t! lol 


4. Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips

Initially, when one thinks Spring, they think fresh faced, clean, and simple. Why not spice things up and get things sexy and steamy? A strategically messy smokey eye paired with a clean nude lip is sultry and very come-hither for Spring. All you need is a kick a**, super black, kohl eye liner pencil and smudger/q tip and you are good to go! A cheapie and favorite kohl pencil of mine, is the L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Eyeliner Pencil.

*photos courtesy of Google image search

I am obviously picturing a very glamorous upcoming Spring! lol I’m down … it’s all about choices right? ::wink::

What are some trends you want to see this Spring? For those planning on breaking the rules, what looks do you plan on rocking?!



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