Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown is a legend. I am a satisfied customer of Bobbi Brown cosmetics and happen to think they look great on virtually all skin tones. You don’t have to be an aspiring makeup artist to take something away from her 7 Tips For Success:

1. Tell the truth. Live your life with integrity and speak to people with integrity.

2. Always be nice. A smile is the best way to engage someone.

3. Follow your dreams and passions. Have a vision of where you want to see yourself and figure out a course to take you there.

4. Don’t take no for an answer. If one door closes, look for a back door or a side door.

5. Have long term goals and mini goals. Always have a plan and re-evaluate it regularly.

6. Strike a balance between the big picture and the details. Take moments to step back to clear and refocus your perspective.

7. When you feel good, you look good. So make smart food choices, exercise and drink water.



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