I’ve had my Clarisonic for a year now (thanks to my Mom who was actually using it before me). I will admit, that $195 price tag totally turned me off at first, but it’s been worth EVERY penny!

Side Note:
(I have the Clarisonic Classic….comes with…)
Cordless Clarisonic
Charger Cradle
1 sensitive or normal brush head
1 oz. trial sizes of gel cleanser, gentle hydro cleanser, & nourishing care cleanser

Here’s what the Clarisonic is supposed to do:

-Removes 6x more makeup than manual cleansing
-Skin feels smoother and cleaner
-Removes impurities that keep serums from getting through to the skin
-Minimizes the appearance of visible pores
-Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches, and blemishes

Here’s what it did FOR ME 🙂

-My skin feels much smoother and definitely clean
-I love the feeling of the soft bristles massaging my skin & circulating the blood flow in my face
-My skin developed a very flattering glow 😉
-My makeup goes on smoother (it all starts with a clear base…your skin!)
-Works in just 60 seconds! (timed for 4 areas of the face- forehead (20 secs), nose & chin (20 secs), and each cheek (10 secs each).)

Thinking “$195, NO WAY!” ? ….. WAIT! YOU HAVE ANOTHER OPTION:

Clarisonic Mia= $119

-You can also buy the Body Brush Head , $25, that’s created for your body.

I know it’s not significantly cheaper, but your skin is one of the more major areas of the body you should invest in! People see your face everyday, so it’s imperative that you take care of it…that goes for your body as well! For those that needed that little push on whether to get it or not…I’m saying IT’S A GO!

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