In other where the heck have I been news, todays dope “Friday Find” is from Coco & Breezy

These ladies are talented even outside of designing original and unique sunglasses for all the cool kids. I may be late, but I just stumbled up on their Exposed X-Ray Vision Backpack which gives the illusion of looking through an x-ray device to see the contents inside the backpack (duh lol). 

Coco & Breezy said it better:

“The metallic represents the mirror to see the reflection that beholds one. You see the outside of a person, which has hidden means. 

The mystery that you thought was enclosed behind the shades of C&&B …. are not #Exposed.”

The Exposed X-Ray Vision Backpack retails at $60 and can be found on their website. Check out the pics of the backpack below. 

Bonus: You can receive a complimentary “X-Ray Vision” pouch with the purchase of the exposed backpack. Gotta protect your shades right?!

Would you rock it?



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