Hello McKenzie … I wear my hair natural and I no longer have permed hair in my head all curls.. I've recently worn my first weave and I'm kind addicted .. after wearing weave for two months and taking my hair down it grew a lot.. I'm thinking about getting another one soon! I like my natural curls but I hate wearing a fro because it looks so dumb to me!! I need it to be cut into a style of something.. ugh.. its so frustrating! what's a natural haired girl to do?!?! lol


Hi 🙂 I LOVE weave! lol I’ve only had one like 3 times, but each time I fell in love! lol If you’re uncomfortable wearing your natural hair in a fro, then keep your weave in and let your hair grow out to a length you’re comfortable wearing it in girl! Once it’s at a good length for you, you can take the next step of finding a picture and taking it to your hair stylist so he/she can cut it into a nice style. I’m team weave, natural, & even relaxed. Whatever works for you, I’ve had it all lol Don’t get frustrated 🙂

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