Mckenzie, let me first say I love your blogg! I have extremly oily skin. I apply makeup in the morning and at first its fine ,but an hour later the makeup sets in and Im shining all over. The worst part is that I also have sensitive skin so as my skin gets oily I also start to break out. Do you know of any good products for sensitive skin that will keep the shine down throughout the day?


I can definitely relate! You should start using a primer before you apply your makeup (try Revlon or Smashbox primers). A primer will help your makeup stay in place throughout the day. Because you have oily skin, start carrying around a product that help touch up your shine throughout the day. Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets are great and they won’t mess up your makeup. Laura Mercier also has a nice translucent powder that will take care of oily skin as well. Worst case, if you find yourself getting oily and don’t have any products, take a tissue/napkin and dab off the oil.

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