OPI Behind The Scenes at New York Fashion Week 2014


OPI Behind The Scenes

I imagine backstage at New York Fashion Week is exciting and chaotic all in one. To get an up-close-and-personal glimpse at new designs, meet the designers and models, watch the hair stylists and makeup artists work their magic … it all sounds like such a thrill!

A popular daily feature on McKenzie Renae, are “Dope Nails of the Day” posts. With NYFW coming to an end, lets take a mini behind the scenes tour of OPI talon creations backstage at the fall/winter 2014 shows!


Designer: Assembly New York

AssemblyNY6_credit OPI

“To capture the designer’s minimalist modern Egyptian aesthetic, OPI manicurists buffed models’ nails to a high shine and added a black Swarovski crystal at the center of the cuticle line. Thumbs were polished in black satin-finish lacquer  4 In The Morning.”

AssemblyNY3_credit Steve Gong

AssemblyNY4_credit Steve Gong

AssemblyNY5_credit Steve Gong


Designer: Reem Acra

reem acra FW14 300dpi-2

“The models’ nails took on a transparent glow with OPI nail lacquer in ‘Barre My Soul’. The warm beige natural nail look added a clean, fresh touch to Reem Acra’s decadent collection.”

reem acra FW14 300dpi-7

reem acra FW14 300dpi-8


Designer: Azede Jean-Pierre

azede FW14 300dpi-21

“The nail look featured OPI’s dark grey hue ‘Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!’ with a silver DS radiance tip and natural nail half moon. This design complimented the collection’s rich textures and tones, from knobby grey knits to iridescent burnt oranges.”

azede FW14 300dpi-14

azede FW14 300dpi-5


Designer: Lindsay Degen for DEGEN


“Models wore short, square tips featuring a blue sky/cloud nail design on all fingers except ring fingers, which were painted with a rainbow atop a chrome, glitter base. The designer selected this bold and colorful nail look to compliment bright knits and reflective fabrics. The rainbow theme was continued throughout the clothing and an LED rainbow backdrop.”







“Models wore OPI nail lacquer in Passion to compliment the collection’s warm muted pastels.”




Looks to me like nail art is going to stick around next Fall. A plethora of nudes and dark talons aren’t necessarily anything new, but I do appreciate the minimalistic approach which keeps the focus on the rest of your outfit. Personally, my favorite backstage nail look is Assembly New York.

**All photos courtesy of OPI


What do you think? Excited about any of the looks for Fall/Winter 2014?





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  • Cassie
    February 18, 2014

    I love this post and your blog by the way! I’m starting a blog myself and I have a quick question. Am I safe from copyright violation once I credit where I got the photos from? Or do I have do actually ask for permission to use the photos?


    • admin
      April 14, 2014

      Thanks so much! It depends, you should always give credit to photos if you can. If the photo is specific with getting permission first then I would definitely ask. But linking the photo back to the original source is good too! Best of luck with your new blog!

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