Sometimes I think people can forget the power of basic pieces. I don’t have a lot of prints in my wardrobe, because I’m always wanting to get the most out of my clothing. So unless I’m feeling adventurous, if I’m holding up a black top versus the same top in a mutli-colored pattern … odds are I’ll choose the black because it’s more versatile.

Today was one of those days where I was in a chill mood, but still wanted to feel stylish. I love the denim on denim look, and because Summer is winding down, I still have a little time to rock more of my “summery” items a couple more times.


Thread list:

Denim shorts: Renae Cut Offs
Denim jacket: Renae Cut Offs
Tank: Zara
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell   


With a casual cool look like this, your makeup and hair should be effortless. I love big messy hair, there’s just something so imperfect about it. Like you gave a sh*t that day, but didn’t really give a sh*t.


This look can easily be paired with heels (I would say nude or black…something to keeps things simple and effortless) or even some cool white sneakers. Casual to dressy just like that!


These heels make me super tall (I’m already 5’8), but they make me feel so sexy because of the high arch. The blush color of the wedge is a fresh alternative to nude (which I never find a nude that matches my skin tone anyway).

What do you think about bringing things back to the basics? 




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