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Every girl should make it a mission to smell good!  The key is finding those fragrances that mix beautifully with your body chemistry, because we’ve all been there before where a scent smelled amazing on one of our girlfriends, but didn’t really do anything for you once spritzed on. 

I usually like to test a fragrance out before purchasing it. I’ll visit Sephora or a department store and spritz on a scent and see how it reacts with my natural body chemistry throughout the day. If it’s a winner, then I’ll return to take that bad boy home with me! 

If you’re lost as to what notes work for you, visit with a fragrance specialist behind the counter who can educate you further on what to look for. I am personally drawn to scents with fruity, sweet, and floral notes … because I love to smell sweet 🙂 

Now, on to my top six favorites that are in heavy rotation (clockwise)! 

Tom Ford Café Rose 

Ok, so I only have a sample, but I will definitely be returning for my full size bottle. Café Rose is a deep, sexy scent that is most importantly, long lasting and seductive.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino

Unfortunately this fragrance is no longer available. But it’s a totally different scent from the popular D&G Light Blue scent. It’s fruity, light, fresh and a perfect way to bring in the Spring. 

Gucci Guilty 

Again, another sexy fragrance I wear in both the fall and winter. I find that your body heat mixed with the scent just brings out all the notes! You just feel sexy wearing this fragrance. 

Gucci Flora

Gucci Flora is exactly that … floral. It’s subtle, sophisticated, and not to mention it smells great even when left behind on my clothing. It’s a young, classic fragrance, perfect to bring into the Spring and Summer.

Gucci Premiére

Can you tell I love Gucci yet? lol I remember when I first smelled the new Gucci Premiére at Saks Fifth Avenue. Debuting a week early, the fragrance sold out like hot cakes! And I see why. The Gucci brand just makes you feel confident, sexy, and luxurious. You can’t go wrong with this fragrance … especially on date night 😉 

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

::Cues “Lotus Flower Bomb” by Wale:: Flowerbomb is such a popular fragrance! The warm notes in this fragrance just bring out this floral explosion on your skin. The oriental notes make this scent perfect for fall and winter. 


With all my fragrances, I like to spray them on when fresh out of the shower. I apply it on both wrists, my décolletage, top of my ankles (so the fragrance rises up throughout the day), and the back of my neck (when you flip your hair, everyone will get a subtle wiff). 

Sharing is caring 🙂 What are some of your favorite or signature scents? 

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