I’m sure you’re reminded time and time again to eat healthy and take care of your body. It’s not always easy for a lot of us … we oftentimes suffer from lack of motivation and just pure laziness.

Even I have had to work on being diligent and working out a few times a week. The key for me to following through with your workouts is to sign up for something fun and buy some super cute workout clothes! lol

As you can see, I made a quick run to Marshall’s and snatched up some girlie neon pink shorts, leggings, socks, and a simple tank. The final touch were these really cool neon pink, mesh Nike workout sneakers. If you’re going to work out, why not look good doing it right? 

To stay in shape, I try really hard to work out at least 3-4 times a week. Two days in the gym on my own and the other days I do a class of some sort. I just took up boxing yesterday and it was a great (and very intense) full body workout! 

Don’t think about working out as being a burden! Aim for just 30 minutes of a tough workout and if you can’t motivate yourself, bring a friend who is dedicated to going to the gym. 

If all else fails, here’s a great fitness blog to check out called Get Fit With Nic. If her workout tips don’t help push you…I know her body will serve as motivation! 

Keep it tight ladies!

**Hair Tip:

If you’re worried about sweating your hair out, try tying a silk (or cotton) scarf tight around your head like a headband, finish your workout, and wait until the scarf is completely dry before taking it off. This keeps my edges from reverting back to little curlies when I’m wearing it straight.



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