You ladies really love the daily Dope Nails of the Day posts, and I love to post them! So, I’ve decided to accept reader submissions to feature here on the blog to share your nail art! There’s a few guidelines that you will need to follow, so keep reading if this is something that interests you.


-Your photo must be clear and great quality! High resolution images only.

-Keep the focus on the nails

-Please do not use any filters or have crazy tags or logos on the photo

-Include your Instagram name or just your name when submitting your work. And if you feel up to adding a short description on what inspired your nails, go for it.

-Dope Nails of the Day are not limited to just designs. If you have a nice manicure with a pretty shade, please feel free to submit as well! If you know the color, include that so readers can stay clued in! 

-Get creative with it! Tatts and dope jewelry or rings welcome 🙂


For examples of awesome nails, refer back to all the dope nails I’ve been posting HERE !


Good luck and I can’t wait to see your submissions! Email and include “Dope Nails of the Day Submission” in your subject head!



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