Last night, I went to see one of my favorite new jazz fusion/house music artists perform, by the name of Berlioz. You may have heard some of his music trending on Instagram & Tik-Tok because it is a total vibe! 

I discovered Berlioz last summer and have been deep diving into his music since. He just released his first EP called “Jazz Is For Ordinary People” a year ago and announced his new album is coming out soon! 

Berlioz describes his music “if Matisse made house music”. I don’t know of a better description. His music transports you and has you feeling sexy, just vibing in a dimly lit room with deep red velvet curtains lining the walls with the light of soft lit candles allowing you to sneak a glimpse of the faces seated nearby. You can’t help but to close your eyes, bob your head, dance to the music and just vibe out! 

I loved how eclectic the crowd was. The sold out show was held at Area 5 in Little Five Points and brought out all ages and major fans. I even scored some merch, his EP on vinyl, and he signed it for me personally! 

Berlioz is from the UK and he’s doing a tour in Europe and North America at the moment. You can check out his schedule here and I highly advise you grab tickets while they last! 

You can explore his music on Apple and Spotify and here are his songs from his EP below!

This year, I’m focused on new and different experiences in Atlanta and this is a great first for the year! Here’s a tip, whatever things you’re interested in, in your city, sign up for their email lists so you’re notified first of what’s going on. It’s a great way to explore and place yourself in new environments to add new levels of fun to your weekly agenda. Thank me later 😉

Cheers to more jazz and house music in 2024!