A proper makeover can do wonders for your confidence, image, and self-esteem. It takes most people a while to develop “a look” for themselves, and for celebrities it can be even more challenging. To be ridiculed in the public eye and made vulnerable like a fresh steak on a platter for critics (both amateur and professional) to constantly review, can be tough. 

Today, I wanted to focus on a positive makeover that has made me drop my jaw quite a few times. Singer Ciara not only has a new man (rapper, Future), but she has a new hairstyle to compliment her obvious happiness and banging body!

Now there aren’t too many times where I’ve seen CiCi look too shabby, but there are both fashion and beauty moments where I could tell she was transitioning into what was the right look for her. I think she’s finally nailed it! Ciara is absolutely gorgeous, and what I love most about her is ability to switch it up from tomboy to top model in a matter of dresses.

The blonde ombre-esque lob (long bob) with the face framing platinum blonde highlights, paired with her flawless bronzy skin, is über flattering on her! Keep it up Ciara! You get two thumbs up from me!

Do you think Ciara finally nailed her look?



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