Chanel … Behind The Scenes

Have you ever had that moment while shopping, where you stop and ask youself, “Why in the dickens (lol) does designer clothing cost so much?”

I’ve had that moment plenty of times! The labels may say “hand-sewn”, “vintage” or whatever else, but that still never fully satisfied me nor convinced me as to why I should pay $2,200 for this __(enter designer here)___ jacket/skirt/dress/ whatever!

After watching this behind the scenes look into the Chanel brand on how their iconic, signature jackets are made, it all clicked. Carefully handcrafted and passed from one set of delicate fingers to the next, no wonder this jacket is adorned with a hefty price tag!

Thank you Chanel! I have a whole new appreciation for designer clothing 🙂

Now, who wants to loan gift me with $2,200? 



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