Yep, that’s me … naked for the world to see 🙂 I havn’t worn any makeup in the last 3 days, and boy let me tell you, my skin has never felt better!

It is vital that you let your skin breathe and just take a break from wearing any makeup at all. If you’re just hanging around the house during the weekend or running some simple errands, do it with a clean face!

I will admit that I havn’t always been as comfortable in my own skin as far as not wearing ANY makeup and people actually seeing me out in public lol. In high school, my skin was so not cool (breakouts galore), in college my skin improved drastically (at least that’s how I see it when I look back at old photos of myself lol). Now I’ve been taking better care of myself overall by eating right, exercising, and taking breaks from wearing makeup to give my skin some breathing room. It’s made a huge difference!

Clear skin all starts with your skincare routine (& genetics). You need the following:

1. A great face wash (Currently I’m using Olay Shine Control Lathering Cleanser). I’m not very loyal when it comes to face wash, so I’m always trying something new.

2. A Clarisonic … this is optional, but it’s made a heck of a difference in how smooth my skin feels! I talked about it in this post a while back, and I still feel the same way!

3. A Toner. I used to used fancy toners, but now I’m loyal to good ol’ natural witch hazel (applied with a cotton ball). Toner removes any left over dirt and makeup your face wash happened to miss, & cleanses the skin one last time 🙂

4. A great moisturizer. Everyone’s skin type is different (ex: dry, combination, oily), so you need to find a moisturizer that’s right for you. Most importantly a moisturizer with SPF, unless you plan on applying SPF over your moisturizer. I have combination skin and I’ve been using Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer for sensitive skin for the last year.

5. A serum for dark spots & breakouts. Shamefully, I will admit I used to pick and pop my pimples, causing my skin to hate me and produce annoying dark spots on my face 🙁 I’ve been using Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector since last summer and wrote my review on it here. I’ll be posting an updated one this week, but this $50 bottle of magical serum has definitely improved my dark spots when I finally decided to use it diligently. Finally, for breakouts I use a combination of Clinique’s Spot Healing Gel & a dab of my Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask to dry it up at night.

If you didn’t learn anything from this post, I hope you take away this…

Every woman should be comfortable in their own skin and truly believe that they are beautiful with or without makeup.

P.S: Promise me that after that long day/night at work, after that fun night of partying, that no matter how much energy you have left in you …. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE BED!

Trust me. Your skin will thank you 🙂



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