Q: “Hey love! I was wondering what do you do to pull your curls out and to make your hair look bigger? I hate shrinkage! :-(“ 

A: I use my fingertips and fluff my hair just from the roots (almost in a gentle pulling motion). Don’t play with it too much while styling, or you could cause more frizz.

Q: “Hey I want to big chop, but I’m scared of how it will look on me. I have a round face and a pretty big forehead (in my opinion) how did you decide you wanted to cut your hair?” 

A: Believe it or not, my hair took a style and shape of its own. I initially cut it into a short pixie cut because at the time I was wearing my hair straight most of the time. So I took an inspiration photo of the cut I wanted to my stylist and just went for it! 

Q: “Hey McKenzie, I know you probably get a ton of questions about your hair, but I have to say the cut you had in your sidebar photo (on your profile) is like my current hair inspiration. So I’m very curious how you went about getting it shaped or cut like that, and how long it took to grow it long enough to style?” 

A: Hi! Read above for the first part of your question. My hair was a little longer than shoulder length before I cut it, so I was lucky to already have the length at the top. But as I continue to cut it to maintain the shape, it takes about a month for it to grow a couple of inches or so.

Q: “Could you do a post on transitioning clothes from summer to fall???” 

A: I’ll add that to the list!

Q: “Hi McKenzie!!! I’m a beginner at thrifting and I love the excitement of it all. Do you have any tips or suggestions to get the best results?? P.S. Your style is super dope, you killin em mama.” 

A: Aww thank you! Location is a big part of thrifting. If you aren’t finding any decent Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. stores in your area, travel out a little further into “upscale” areas that may have a better selection. Always ask about discount days in the stores. Most stores have discounts on items with specific tag colors on them, and Salvation Army does 50% off on clothing on Wednesdays. Most importantly, be patient, take your time, and go in with an idea of what you want so you don’t get lost in the racks! 

Q: “Hi Honey, Do you color your hair yourself? if yes, what brand do you recommend? thank you! I love your blog.”

A: Hi & thank you! 🙂 No I don’t. I get it colored and cut professionally at the salon 🙂

Q: “I LOVE LOVE your blog and your hair!! I want to start a blog do you have any advice yours seem very successful and you’re doing what you love!” 

A: Thank you girlie! I just did a post on beginner blog tips that you will definitely find helpful. Check it out here » 5 Tips For a Beginner Blogger

Q: “Do you wash your hair and do your two strand twists everyday? If not, how do you preserve your hair over night?” 

A: Oh no no no. I wash my hair once a week or so and do my two strand twists every other night. Sometimes I’ll go days without twisting it and it just appears a bit bigger and slightly frizzier. I also sleep with a silk bonnet covering my twists as well as a satin pillowcase (for added protection because I’m a wild sleeper lol). 


That’s it for this week ladies! We’ll be catching up again next week! 



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