I just joined a gym. Let me tell you, this is quite a big step for me, because I’ve never been the one to commit to a gym membership. A couple of summers ago I did a little stint over at a local gym near my apartment for $20 a month. But that’s exactly what I got, a $20 a month workout, and I cant quite say I took advantage of it anyway.

This time around, I decided to challenge myself. I’ve invested in every other area of my life, yet never fitness (outside of high school basketball). Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook and it’s not hard for me to eat healthy. But when it comes to my workouts, that area has always been a little lax.

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So this weekend, I decided to pick up kickboxing at the top kickboxing gym in Atlanta. And I love it! Kickboxing is my speed for a few reasons.


1. It’s not your typical gym circuit workout.

2. You use your entire body during the workouts for a full body tone.

3. I’m building my strength and endurance and letting out some steam at the same time. Hello punching bag!

4. I’m bound to see results pretty quickly.

5. It’s more of a sport than just “working out”. Who knows, you may see your girl in the ring fighting competitively in a few months 😉 Never say never.

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My personal body goals are to be lean and toned (specifically focusing on my abs and legs)! I’m no longer searching in vanity just to look hot during the summer, I want to feel great all the time and turn this into more of a lifestyle. For starters I have Ciara’s legs plastered as my screensaver so I have no choice but to be motivated every time I look at my phone. Secondly, Hanna Bronfman and Angela Simmons are two awesome inspirations for me. They are smart, fly, driven, and fit, further proving that you can do anything you put your mind to. Check out Hanna’s fitness blog here and follow Angela on IG for fitness inspiration (and a side of lust over her super cute, fashion forward workout gear).


Kickboxing for me is fun, and intense! I need a trainer to tell me what to do or I won’t go as hard. Not to mention, this new sport gives me the perfect reason to go shopping for new work out threads!


I’m really curious to know how you’re challenging yourself this month or even this year? Please share below, you never know who you’re inspiring!





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