At times I am left speechless at the talent others posses. And the fact that there are people who see me as an inspiration and express it creatively continues to blow my mind.


A few weeks ago, I was tagged in a photo on Instagram. To my surprise, it was a painting of a profile image … of me. I loved it so much, I asked the artist if she could send the artwork to me and she was more than happy to do so.


Along with the painting, she included a very sweet letter. The artist is Kimberly Jones, a painter on the south side of Chicago. Recently she was asked to host an event and do a live painting in efforts to promote her new paint party business called “A Date With Paint”. Kimberly said she found a photo of me on her daughters page and decided to recreate it for the class. Kimberly expressed in her letter to me,


“When my daughter told me that the person in the picture loved the painting and wanted a copy, I was so excited to hear that. I have enclosed the painting for you and I hope you hang it on your wall and be reminded of how your natural hair journey is inspiring so many people. Thank you for being my muse.”




Thank you so much Kimberly! Your art is proudly hanging on my wall. Thank you for using me as an inspiration. For those of you in the Chicago area, be sure to check out her business, A Date With Paint, on Kimberly’s Instagram page, @adatewithpaint ! Keep up the great work!


In case you were wondering, this is the original image Kimberly recreated! This picture was taken right after getting a fresh cut at the salon 🙂 Very dope!