When I sat down and really thought about my action word for 2019, I knew I wanted it to be very personal. Years prior, I picked words that were a bit on the common end and because of that, I wasn’t very consistent with that action throughout the year. My word transitioned from a stern affirmation to a fading resolution that wasn’t being fed, because I rushed the thought and didn’t make it personal enough to hold some weight.

This year is different. The air is different. The vibes and energy are different. My mind and spirit are different. Instead of looking back in the past and focusing on an old story, I’ve decided to write a new one. Because of this, I have not one, but two words for the new year; Power and Perspective.


Simply put, I’m taking my power back. Regaining control over my own life. Now I know I just said, I wasn’t going to relive the past, but hang in there with me for a second. For the last couple of years now, I’ve played the role of the victim. I was placing my destiny in the hands of others, allowing them to control my narrative. Always thinking people were trying to take advantage me, or being super hard on myself because I wasn’t getting opportunities I felt I deserved, and essentially blaming everyone but myself for all the “wrong” in my life. I wasn’t allowing many new people to get to know me and instead found ways to avoid people who God may have sent in as a blessing. We never know who they may be right? In hindsight, I was spending way too much time sweating the small stuff. I was magnifying those negative thoughts and continued to feed the pessimistic victimizing beast that was within. No one should put themselves through that torture. It’s not fun, and honestly it gets old. Trust me on this one.

The most important thing to focus on, is that we grow from our suffering. Growth baby girl, you have to give yourself credit for all the growth you’ve been doing. You’re blooming right on time. Pat yourself on the back. I’m giving myself credit that is long overdue. There is so much beauty in power. There’s beauty in being in control and there’s beauty in letting it all flow and enjoying your journey. I’m focused on keeping my flame lit! It’s time to boss up and make power moves. This year, I’m doing this for me. Do it for you too.



How we view our situation is so important. Perspective changes everything. I picked this word because it coincides with how you do life. You can choose to look at yourself through a negative lens or you can choose to smile through the BS and keep it pushing. Life is truly what you make of it. Learn from what it is teaching you.

I could throw in a whole bunch of clich√© quotes right now, but know this, once you decide to think and speak life instead of death, your life will be shifted and will change drastically. I’m much more protective of my space and the energy and people I allow into it. If you have any kind of yucky vibes, ill intentions or ulterior motives, I pick up on it quick and I simply just won’t allow you to be around me. Protect your space sis. Only those who are down for the cause and are positive forces who will lift you up, deserve to stay. Everyone else must go!

I’m comfortable with transparency, because I know that no one can use my story against me. My story has given me strength and has made me into the person I am today. No one can get in the way of me, except myself. God already has me covered and my destiny can never be taken away by a human soul. Same goes for you girl, no one can take your destiny from you. I’m transparent because we need more honesty, we need more people to speak up that life ain’t always peaches, but we are still strutting through it like the bad bishes we are! Because that’s what bad bishes do, they rise up from the fire and are born anew every day!

Like rapper Gucci Mane said, “Someone dissed me yesterday, what I’m supposed to do, go cry? Put my money chasing million dollar mission on the side?” Nah.


With all that said, just know, I’m all in. Are you?



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Photos by Tim Caver