You ladies may have been wondering where I’ve been for the last week due to the lack of posts. I was on an amazing family vacation and told myself that I needed to take a total break from “work”. So I did. But now I’m back and I have a great product review to update you on!

While on vacay, I took the opportunity to bring along my OSEA skin travel kit and give it a shot. I have an oily/combination skin type so this kit included all of the oily to combo products.

OSEA is a 100% Vegan skin care line made with USDA Certified Organic Seaweed. The anti-aging line was inspired off the coast of Malibu, with the idea of uniting the elements — Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere — to refresh, rejuvenate, and restore skin to its highest level of healthy beauty. 

The kit is a 4 step process consisting of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and protecting the skin for clear, balanced results. I put the products to the test and here is my review:

1. CLEANSE- Ocean Cleansing Mudd: This cleanser is meant to cleanse and absorb excess oil.

PROS: I really liked the smell of the cleansing mudd. It was more effective when used in the morning to freshen up my skin prior to applying makeup.
CONS: I wouldn’t recommend using this cleanser to remove your makeup. It doesn’t have a sudsy consistency, so for oily/combo skin types, use only in the morning.

2. TONE- Sea Minerals: This toner is meant to tone and re-balance the skin.

PROS: I LOVE misting this toner all over my face! It feels very refreshing and hydrating, especially during these hot summer days.
CONS: None

3. TREAT- Essential Corrective Complex: This oil treatment is to be used on blemish-prone areas or as spot treatment directly on blemishes.

PROS: Low and behold, I had about four pimples pop up on my chin during vacation. This corrector did help to sooth my blemishes, and over a little time I’ll see if it helps lighten the dark spots as well.
CONS: None

4. HYDRATE- Atmosphere Protection Cream: A lightweight moisturizer used by patting onto moist skin.

PROS: Again, I love the seaweed smell from this moisturizer. It wasn’t too heavy, and left my skin feeling smooth and smelling great.
CONS: There is no SPF in this moisturizer and I personally don’t like to apply a separate sunscreen to my face. So I would recommend using this product at night unless you don’t mind mixing a dab of sunscreen into the moisturizer.

5. Anti-Aging Body Balm: This is my first body balm and let me say it gave me a very “spa-like” experience. After exfoliating with this AMAZING exfoliator I just bought, I slathered on the OSEA body balm for a smooth, silky finish. Although it says you can use this balm daily, I only use it at night because it’s a little heavy. So it’s great to use on your skin after a fresh shower or bath in the evening to give your skin time to rehydrate over night.

-Rejuvenates dry and flaky skin and helps to firm and tighten skin on arms and legs.
-Helps heal psoriasis and eczema.
-Helps heal sum damaged skin and prevent wrinkles. 

You can check out more OSEA products here. The Oily to Combo Skin Travel Kit retails at $44 and the Anti-Aging Body Balm retails at $38.




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