Hiiiiii !! ^_^ 

First of all your style is BOMB! Simply inspirational. Secondly, i’m natural with some awful heat damage(to the point where it looks like i had a relaxer) but i plan to cut all my heat damage off when i go to the states next year (a sort of bc). Where did you go to cut your hair, and what did you ask the stylist to do? i really like your cut.


Hey Sharayne,

Thanks for your sweet words 🙂 Before I went natural, my hair was cut into a bob and when I made the decision to actually be serious about going natural, I knew I wouldn’t have the patience to grow my relaxer out so I just decided to cut it all off! I browsed through tons of magazines to find a short cut I liked and went to my stylist and she made it happen 🙂 It’s actually a pixie cut when it’s straight, and when it’s natural it just kind of does its own thing lol



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