This is bound to be one of those “TMI” posts, so let’s get cozy together shall we?

Summertime equals poolside weekends and swimsuit destinations, making proper body grooming of the utmost importance! 

I was really excited to receive the Nad’s Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips because I’ve never attempted to wax myself at home lol. I usually prefer to take the professional route and visit the salon to let the pros handle everything. But heck, I’m a beauty blogger and part of my job is to test out what’s on the shelves and share with you ladies. So here it goes!

These Nad’s wax strips are created for sensitive areas of the body. The ingredients included a gentle formula containing honey and chamomile with a new and improved soft fabric technology. 

Let’s look at what’s inside the box!


-There are two different strip sizes that total up to 24 strips.
-14 underarm (7 double sided)
-10 bikini (5 double sided)
-Plus x2 Nad’s Post Wax Calming Oil Wipes
-Plus 15g (0.53oz) Nad’s Moisture+Soothing Body Balm for after hair removal.

The Test: 

The directions instructed me to test out an area of wax on my legs first since I was an unexperienced waxer. But because I convinced myself that I’m a G and I don’t need practice, I went straight for the underarm area.

I thoroughly cleaned the area and made sure there was no left over lotion or deodorant residue, then proceeded to let the area dry.

You’re supposed to take one of the wax strips and rub it together between your palms to get the wax on the strip warm and ready for use. After warming it up, I peeled the strip apart and placed in on my underarm while rubbing it gently into my skin three or four times. 

I pulled my skin taught, then YANK! 

Now let’s fast forward…

The Review:

I love how the kit is easy to use, has simple instructions, and comes with the oil wipes and moisture balm to relieve pain. Because boy did I need it!

Did it hurt? Yes! My pain tolerance is very low. But I think either my underarm hair was too coarse for the strips to pull out or I didn’t pull hard enough because I was anticipating it. I just didn’t have very good luck with many hairs being removed. Someone with finer hair strands would have better luck with their underarms. 

Now on to the bikini area. I repeated the instructions above and had more success on my bikini line than my underarms. The thiner strips were useful for just the bikini area, but if you want a little more hair removed, then the bigger strips would be best. I liked that the strips were reusable up until the wax no longer stuck (I used one wax strip 2-3 times before it didn’t stick anymore).

Overall I would definitely say that the strips work, but they are not for me. I probably won’t attempt to wax my bikini area on my own again. I didn’t pull hard enough which caused me to have to wax the area again. Let’s just say it was uncomfortable. But thank goodness for the calming balm, because without that my skin would have been extremely irritated.

For you ladies who have a moderate to high pain tolerance and want to save a little money from going to the salon, I say go for it! It just personally wasn’t for me.

Price tag: $7-$8 for the kit available at Walgreens

Totally worth a try for that price.

Have any of you ladies ever tried the Nad’s Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips? What was your experience like? Did you get the results you were looking for?



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