I just love Sam Fine! He is one of my favorite makeup artists, and not to mention one of the sweetest and most genuine people I’ve met in the industry. The photo above was right after our interview at The Makeup Show Chicago last year (back in my blonde days lol).

I was browsing the internet and stumbled up on an old article about Fine and his newest ventures as Creative Makeup Director for Fashion Fair Cosmetics. He was asked a series of questions and I’m always in awe about the way he’s able to finesse his words to really make them clear, relatable, and understood.

Here are some excerpts from his interview:

You have so many loyal Twitter followers. What’s the biggest makeup question you get from them? 

The questions I constantly get are, ‘What foundation can I buy?’ What concealer can I buy?’ I always tell women to think about it before you go to the store. It’s like grocery shopping—you don’t go grocery shopping hungry. Think about whether you want something long-lasting. Do you want something with more coverage? Less coverage? Thinking about it beforehand helps you make a better choice—and it helps the advisor in the store to guide you.

Many women with dark complexions tell us that they shy away from powder because it can leave a gray cast. Is it ok to skip it? 

Powder is to foundation as topcoat is to nail polish. It’s a setting agent. You can build as much coverage as you want, but you have to set it. It might take trial and error, but you can find the right one. The best powders for dark skin are usually in the brands that target women of color. Fashion Fair makes a great loose powder—RuPaul is a fan of it.

Have brands gotten better at all over the years at addressing women of color? 

It’s still a struggle. You have brands that have never spoken to this woman. I think some of the brands just don’t know how to have the conversation. Because it’s more than just making darker shades—you have to reach out. Many brands try, but their attempts fall short. They launch the colors, but then get rid of them later because they say they didn’t sell—but really, they didn’t sell because of a lack of outreach. With Fashion Fair, I love that I’ll have the ability to train people behind the counter, as well. We’ll make sure we’re really talking to this customer.

To read the full Allure Magazine interview, click this link.



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