Oooo get your mind out of the gutter! What nasty material did you think I was talking about? Because I’m talking about the second issue of Nasty Gal’s new publication, “Super Nasty”. 

This issue is appropriately titled, “Out There”, because according to Nasty Gal Founder and Editor, Sophia Amoruso,

“…hell, I’d like to think we’re pretty “out there”. We sell clothes, sure — but at the end of the day, we’re weird. We’re not your average fashion freaks or pop-culture fangirls. We’re different.”

Hmmm very Kelly Cutrone of her (if you don’t know who Kelly Cutrone is, look her up.). I love different, I can definitely relate 🙂

This issue is full of original articles and spreads from a group of contributing Nasty Galish photographers, stylists, models, and artists that they’ve worked with over time.

5 Cool Things I Peeped In This Issue

1. The black onesie swimsuit with the serious side boob action on page 16 is extra sexy. I’m really drawn towards the scuba inspired look of this summer’s suits. You gotta show off all that hard work from the gym some kind of way right?


2. I spot more dope styling images from the Spring 2013 Collection. Sporty chic ensembles are the move this summer! Bonus points for using a beautiful woman of color to add a little zest to all the pretty hues blooming just in time for Spring!


3. Beauty Tips from the Pros:

– Olive oil works just like a cuticle oil and is also a good lubricant to remove press-on nails.
-The best trick for avoiding sunburn is to not shower when you get home from the beach or pool, because the heat opens your pores and that’s when you really get red. Massage a fresh mashed-up avocado on the red/tender areas, leave on for an hour, then gently wash off with a towel and cold water. Wait until the morning to shower and you’ll be tan and not burnt. [Interesting.]  

4. Spotted some cool nail art on page 81. Dope nails of the day anyone?

5. Totally loving all of the vivid color and mixing of stripes and geometric prints on page 113! Teal lids are a fresh way to bring in the warm weather.

In the world we live in where everyone is so pressed for time, this issue may be right up your alley if you actually ENJOY reading.

While I on the other hand love an interesting article, I could flip through the issue, dogear the pretty pictures and outfits, and be just fine. Thanks for the creative, artistic vision though Nasty Gal!

To check out the full online issue, click here



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