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Location: Atlanta, GA

Status: Snowed in due to Georgia’s official state of emergency.


If you’re like me, if you’re living in Atlanta, or Georgia for that matter, then you are probably snowed/iced in. Hopefully you’re with people you love, or by yourself, and I pray that you have power. I’m so thankful that I do. It’s day two of cabin fever for me, and I have been putting these couple of days to use! So should you. I know it can be tempting to sleep and eat your day away, but this is the PERFECT time to tackle those things that you’ve been putting off forever because “you never have time to them.”

Still lost as to what you could be doing? Let me help you.


1. Do some early spring cleaning

Idle time is the perfect time to clean up. When I clean, my mind is cleared and it’s easy for me to zone in and focus at the task at hand. Not to mention, who doesn’t love waking up to clean room and house? Organize your home, vacuum, CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET of clothes you don’t wear anymore. Take them to a local resale or consignment shop after the snow dies down and give them to someone who needs them. You can earn a little cash and give back, what a great feeling!


2. Wash your makeup brushes

Didn’t see that one coming did you? If you’ve been getting breakouts on your face lately it may be time to wash your makeup brushes. Ask yourself right now … “When was the last time I washed my makeup brushes?” Don’t know? Then this is a must. For some quick tips on how to wash them, revisit this post I did a while back. All you need is a gentle baby shampoo or conditioner, a towel, and 10-15 minutes.


3. Execute that idea you’ve been working on

Revisit that idea you had, the book you started writing, or that blog you want to launch. Sometimes all we need is a little quiet time to sit, reflect and execute those ingenious ideas floating around in our heads. Don’t be too hard on yourself either. Just take it one step at a time and get the outline done, spruce up your notes and get it down in writing, work on your plan. Whatever you do, just take one simple step and check just ONE thing of your to-do list. If you work on or finish more, great!


4. Teach yourself a skill

Catching up on TV marathons is cool, but why not treat yourself to a marathon after you’ve taught yourself something new? Been itching to learn how to sew or create your own website? Being snowed in, especially if you live by yourself with little distraction, gives you ample time to research and learn something new. I took today to teach myself a little graphic design as well as learn a new butternut squash recipe. Yummy and satisfying. You should never stop learning, and don’t limit yourself to a classroom setting to do it.


5. Read

To be honest, I’m still working on this one. I love reading articles and interviews, but I have developed a bad habit of starting a book, reading about half way, and not finishing it. So my goal for these couple of snow days is to finish reading Jay-Z’s book, Decoded. I have a guilty pleasure of reading self-help and fiction books. But every now and then I love an eye opening autobiography. Peering into someone else’s life is always interesting and informative.

But, if fiction and self-help isn’t your thing, read about how to get those investments for your company, how to enter into your dream career field. Read about what’s going on in the world for Pete’s sake! Knowledge is power people!


Happy snow days 🙂 Stay safe out there and enjoy these moments of reflection! How are you enjoying your snow day?



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